Why I help game developers

On September 29th 2019 I’ve had a revelation which was like the planets aligned, all the neuronal pathways fired at the same time meeting in a central point and then exploding. The output was that I instantly knew what I wanted to do in life, it simply all finally made sense and I will explain what was in my mind and why I’ve chosen consulting and why this niche.

So, I always knew what I was good at and kinda what I wanted to do with my life, but it was all in separate bits and there wasn’t any connection between all of these separate strengths. (I could go in extreme detail about this by using typology, but I’ll keep things simple here)

One of these things was problem solving, and I was doing this in video games, finding problems and then finding multiple solutions for the problems. And I’ve always had this vision for seeing how things would happen, in the multitude of possibilities and probabilities. In my mind this is constantly running. What if this happens, what if that happens, what’s the probability of this to happen over the other thing? More interested into what could be happening rather than what is happening right now, later on I’ve discovered a balance between the two is required.

Another thing was business, I wanted to do something with business, but I was never really motivated with business because I was never interested in just the financial side aka in just making money, that’s just not something I care about too much. In 2018, I started this FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) business which had some success and I’ve learned a lot from it. I’ve learned copy-writing, accounting, taxes, Danish laws, business structures, more Photoshop, negotiating, understanding the market, competition, more spreadsheet stuff and most importantly some universal life lessons and principles.

The 3rd interest was always in self discovery and development. I’ve been at this since 2012 always striving to understand myself, why do I exist, how do I exist, who am I right now? Who was I? And who am I becoming? What do I want? Why do I act like this? Why did I do that? Why am I so good at some things and so bad at other things? I’ve always been fascinated by the human mind, my own and others. The biggest leap in knowledge and clarity was by far getting into Jungian Typology. This guy is the father of psychology, and he just blew my mind. After I’ve fully understood cognitive functions, temperaments, sides of the mind, interaction styles then I was able to finally understand myself to such an incredible level and everything was making sense.

A big part of my life was gaming and I loved it, I learned so much from it, from managing people, communities, being in the position of leadership, making huge mistakes was great because that’s how I improved. I’ve met amazing people through my online gaming journey, some extremely smart people. I’ve had the chance of talking directly to game developers and helping them improve their games. So, gaming has a special place in my heart and through my analytical eye I strive to understand the industry, where it started, what’s currently going on and where it’s heading.

My revelation was combining all of these passions together into 1 central focus point through consulting. Which means that I solve problems in a particular niche. Yes! It sounds that simple and for me this is everything combined: business, psychology, gaming and problem solving. That revelation made me convert my willpower from my biggest enemy to now, my biggest ally, and I am unstoppable now. This also satisfies my aspirational side of the mind, which is to care and help others, which is one of the things that I really want to do, I want to care deeply for all my clients and to get them results, I will give my best to help them, but after all it’s a team work. For more information check out my training video here.

There are many problems in the gaming industry and I know I can solve them, I know that I have the cognitive capacity to do it, and now I know that I have the willpower and discipline to do it. It’s inevitable, only a matter of time. I’m curious what will happen in 1 year from now, oah.

If you are a game developer or know one and feel like I could help, I encourage you to reach out here, then we’ll see if we’re a good fit and if I am the best person to help you. 

Thanks for reading,