The #1 mistake game developers are making

The Vision

Game developers get into gaming development for many reasons, but one of the common ones that I have found is because their favorite game isn’t out there yet. So, they start learning about gaming development, what engine to use, how to do some basic animations, some UI design, etc. and after a few years they might release something they worked on alone part-time. This is usually the moment where most give up due to the high amount of dedication required over a long period of time. But some of them don’t give up and will eventually release their own game because they wanted to do so.

Then what happens is that the market hits them like a wall of bricks and nobody wants to play their game. A lot of effort and passion was put into it over years and now nobody wants to play it, nor do they seem interested in it. The little entrepreneur inside of them is starting to show up and here they might realize that…it’s not just a game and as hard as they thought it was, it’s now 10x harder. Suddenly now they need to understand finances, marketing, e-mail campaigns, business models, hiring contractors, managing people, promoting their game, etc… A lot of stuff that they have 0 interest into, because all they want is to make their game a reality.

Here is where the problem is… game developers are generally not entrepreneurs and actually a lot of them have little to no interest in this. The realization that having a successful game is more than creating the game strikes them like a cold shower in the morning. Makes things frustrating and it’s completely understandable, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Reality

When developers realize that a game isn’t just a game and that players aren’t just players that’s like a revelation, the cake is a lie sort of thing. The truth is, a game is a business and players are customers. So when passionate developers are faced against the business world, they crawl under the duvet and don’t know what to do, who to talk with and sadly that’s the moment when we see games with great potential falling apart 🙁 . And my mission is to put an end to these unfortunate events. (check out here)

In business, it’s all about value and who can deliver the most of it to the customer. In order to do so, one must understand their customers better than they do themselves. This requires thorough research of the target audience, but most important it’s all about what the people want, what the customers want, what the players want… You see, most game developers create their own games which they love, but nobody else does. That’s simply because they made the games for themselves and not for others. You can never guess what the players want unless you simply talk to them.

I respect game developers who have passion for developing games, but for success come they must understand the market. The issue is the disconnection between their passion and what the market actually desires. It’s like trying to sell your grandma some RGB wireless headphones at $20, for a gamer that’s incredible value and high desirability, but for grandma it means nothing, it has 0 value, actually she probably won’t take them for free.

Sadly, that’s what most game developers do today, they try to sell grandma RGB wireless headphones. When they build the games, they focus on themselves and what they want, the result is obviously something they will enjoy, but not the market, because the market wants something else.

The solution

The solution is figuring out what the players want, what do they want but it isn’t out there? Then the solution to that problem is the game you will create FOR THEM. Doing this successfully will result in exactly the opposite scenario of what most game developers are facing today.

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Thanks for reading. I’ll be sharing my findings on this blog. Together we can make the gaming world a better world.