Laurentiu Andrei

Data Analyst with experience in Excel, SQL, Tableau

Laurentiu Andrei

Data Analyst

Recently started my official journey into the Data Analytics space through the Google Data Analytics Certificate, but looking back in time, I was working with data for over a decade, I just never realized it could be a career. And a very exciting one as well.

Now I am actively doing constant progress towards expanding my knowledge in the data field while gaining experience through completing more projects.

Started a Data Analytics YouTube channel where so far I am working on two series:
⦿ SQL Basics
⦿ Solve REAL SQL Problems with StrataScratch

What I Can Do

Tools I have actively used in my projects and am confident to work with

Big Query
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My goal for each project is to be better than the previous one.

Coming soon

My next project is in progress.

Chicago Employee Analysis

In this project I looked at employee data from Chicago, USA. I have conducted an exploratory analysis and managed to uncover some facts about job titles and salaries in Chicago.

Data was imported, cleaned and analyzed using SQL. Then I created a dashboard in Tableau to visualize the insights.

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SQL Tableau
StrataScratch Series
Check out my latest SQL Video

Solving SQL problems and explaining the process.

What now?

Thank you for checking out my portfolio. If you enjoyed it consider connecting with me.